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Introducing Catherine Tam House and Goodman House

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The communities we share with you

We have two houses in which we support you if you are between 18 -65 and live with a physical and/or learning disability.

Catherine Tam House has been open since 2002 and is a nurse-led service in which we support you if you live with a learning and/or physical disability. We have 16 family members and are part of the Landermeads Community in Chilwell.

Goodman House opened in 2021 and is down the road just outside Beeston but still an integral part of our community. At Goodman House we support you if you live with a complex mental or physical health need or acquired brain injury.

Community Involvement

We all need to feel loved, valued, heard

Huntingdon's Accreditation

Goodman House is one of the few nationally accredited homes

Dragonfly Household Approach

Dragonfly Household Approach

Independent goals

Working with you to achieve your independence

Our Households

Catherine Tam House

We support you if you are aged 18-65 and live with a learning and/or physical disability
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Goodman House

Come and join us if you live with a complex physical or mental health need including acquired brain injury. We specilaise in supporting you if you live with Huntingdon's Disease
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Recognised and Accredited

We set ourselves high standards because we believe you deserve the best.

We are accredited Level 1 Outstanding Dragonfly Care Homes with Meaningful Care Matters – this is a home in which

“Team members are comfortable in ‘being with’ people rather than ‘doing for’ people. They
focus on the feelings behind words and actions moment by moment.”

Goodman House is an accredited service with the Huntingdon’s Disease Society – one of only a few nationally and which recognises the expertise and experience staff have in supporting people living with HD.

Your journey with us

We all recognise the warmth of working as part of a team in which there are identified goals, a shared journey to get there and a a sense of needing each other to make it work.

We all need each other – our aim to ensure you live well is one we can’t achieve on our own . We need you to be part of it.

If it’s right for you we will support you to move to more independent living where you decide how much help you need

Our reward is to see you happy, safe and loved.

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Latest Dementia News

Please Listen

Please Listen was produced a couple of years ago with a mix of both staff and family members here at Landermeads

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Nursing in Social Care

This film, funded by Health Education England, was made at Landermeads and Wren Hall and is used nationally to promote a nursing career in Social Care

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What is a Butterfly Home?

What is a Butterfly Home Poem - by Sally Knocker - Meaningful Care Matters

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We are all vulnerable at times

Coming to live in one of our houses or supported living can mean leaving behind the things which have made us secure.

We believe that quality of life comes from understanding our shared vulnerability and working together as a family in which we celebrate who you are.

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