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We specilaise in supporting you if you live with dementia but welcome anyone who would like to join our family

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Our Relationship with you is built on the concept of WE

If you live with dementia or are vulnerable in any other way, we won’t let your diagnosis define you. Our relationship with you is built on the concept of WE, on the richness of relationships which accept and value you for who you are.

Our approach is an emotionally led one and we base it on the work of Tom Kitwood who was a senior psychologist at Bradford University and played a major part in reforming the approach to supporting people living with dementia. He encouraged his students ..
“to explore and develop the feeling, emotional and intuitive parts of themselves, so as to enrich personal resources in their work and everyday life.”

We too encourage our staff to explore their own vulnerability so they can us this emotional intelligence to empathise with you and how you may be feeling.

WE really are in this together.

Emotionally Led Approach

We all need to feel loved, valued, heard


You help us achieve recognition for what we do together

Environments which embrace you

Come and feel at home with us

Butterfly / Dragonfly Household Approach

We live and work together and there are no barriers between us

Households which follow the journey of living with dementia

Lander House

In Lander House we welcome you if you need physical help or are living with dementia at the earlier stages
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Stoppard House

Stoppard House is small household supporting you if you live with dementia at a more advanced stage of your journey
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The Meads

We support and experience each day with you if you live with dementia in a different reality
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If you are living with dementia at the later stages Buttermeads is a small household in which we offer you support with all aspects of daily living
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What Matters to Us All

Tom Kitwood used a flower to identify what is important to us generally and specifically if we live with dementia. We base our approach on this. This flower illustrates the things which are important to people living with dementia which is essentially what we all value. Our belief is that we are all vulnerable and have the same emotional needs and, if we have an understanding of  our own vulnerability, we can use that strength to make real connections with the people we support and who may not always be able to verbalise what they feel; we learn that behaviours and actions are expressions of an emotion and our aim is to make each person’s emotional experience a positive one in which they feel loved and part of a family.

Tom Kitwood was a pioneer in the field of dementia and, before his death in 1998, he pioneered innovative research challenging an old culture in which people living with dementia were difficult and had problem behaviours. His aim was to understand, as far as is possible, what cares looks and feels like from the viewpoint of the person living with dementia and to approach support with compassion. His essential message is that all people are equal regardless of their cognitive ability and it is our role to enhance and celebrate the personhood of the people we support.

Dementia is a team game

We all recognise the warmth of working as part of a team in which there are identified goals, a shared journey to get there and a a sense of needing each other to make it work.

At Landermeads we all need each other – our aim to ensure you live well is one we can’t achieve on our own. We need you to be part of it – and it doesn’t matter if you tell us through how you feel and act if words don’t work. Our reward is to see you happy, safe and loved.

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We are all vulnerable at times

Coming to live in one of our houses or supported living can mean leaving behind the things which have made us secure.

We believe that quality of life comes from understanding our shared vulnerability and working together as a family in which we celebrate who you are.

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