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We looked hard at what we did, decided it wasn’t right and made changes which define us

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We Are Family

You will have often heard the term person centred and it is a fundamental concept when supporting vulnerable adults. We prefer to say we offer emotionally led support.

We are all emotional beings and how we feel defines how we act – for most of us we add the ability to think and decide before we act but if you live with a cognitive challenge or who are very vulnerable owing to your physical disability you may lose some or all of the ability to rationalise. We act on the emotions we feel and it is our role to do all we can to make those emotions positive ones which then lead behaviour.

We train our staff in recognising their own vulnerability and using this emotional intelligence to create meaningful connections which build genuine love and friendship with those of you we support.

Please take the time to watch the We are Family video above – this was made at Landermeads by Cathy Greenblat and explores our approach, why we believe in what we do and how it changes the lives of our family members.

Kitwood's Flower - We use this to focus our support


I want you to know who I have been as that makes me who I am. Together we can discover who I am now and what I enjoy doing, wearing, eating, what makes me laugh and what I find difficult


Don't leave me out - I love to feel part of something and needed


I have had a busy life and learned many skills which are useful. I can show you how to do things and help you


I need to feel part of a family and important to someone - it makes me feel valued and worth something


I need to feel warm, dry and clean, to have a full stomach and not be thirsty, to laugh and reflect, to have a sense of tenderness, closeness and bonding with others


Everyone needs it and I am no different. I need to love, be accepted - to love an activity, a food, a person, a belief and to love and respect myself

The Butterfly and Dragonfly Household Approaches

In 2013 we stood back and looked at what we did and decided it was not good enough. People were cared for well physically but they were lost emotionally. We needed to change.

We initially worked with Dementia Care Matters and latterly with Meaningful Care Matters to completely change our
approach and adopted the Butterfly and Dragonfly Household models for older and younger adults respectively

Today we have no uniforms, no separate staff toilets or restrooms, a belief that the day is dictated by the person not by us, an eagerness to embrace all realities and a commitment to positive risk taking which enhances quality of life.




When we changed our approach it was imperative that we considered our environment. We know we all need comfort and much of that comes from our security in where we live. We love to visit a hotel for a break but are ready to come home to the familiarity of a home which reflects comfort daily. We got rid of isolated dining rooms and adopted a household approach which means each house has a mini kitchen and we encourage our family to take part in preparing meals and drinks as you would at home.

We don’t wear uniforms and got rid of anything which was an ‘us and them’ barrier. Our houses are an explosion of vibrant colour all of which is researched for its impact on family members. We have pictures and photos of family on display and theme our occupation so it has relevance.


You need to feel involved and valued and we believe that this is achieved through our language and how we communicate with you. We are all trained in how to make connections every time we meet you in any way which is effective – this can be by admiring your clothes, by having a sing and dance, by sitting and sharing a tearful moment, by sharing your immediate frustration. What matters is that we don’t walk past you without this.

We ban negative language – you are never difficult or challenging, you are merely trying to tell us how you feel through your actions and responses. If we have a conversation which concerns you, we do so with you.

Recognition for our Approach

CQC Outstanding

We have achieved an Outstanding rating in all the services we offer

CQC - Landermeads

CQC - Goodman House

Meaningful Care Matters

We are a Level One Quality of Life Kitemark

MCM - Landermeads

MCM - Goodman House

National Dementia Care Awards

Best dementia Care Home 2023

Link to website

Nursing Times Awards

Finalists 2023 in three categories

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Pride in Care

We are working towards becoming an accredited service with Pride in Care for supporting family members from the LGBTQ+ community

Pride in Care

HD Association

Huntingdon’s Disease support  – Goodman House are one of a few homes nationally to be accredited

HD Association

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We are all vulnerable at times

Coming to live in one of our houses or supported living can mean leaving behind the things which have made us secure.

We believe that quality of life comes from understanding our shared vulnerability and working together as a family in which we celebrate who you are.

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