A warm welcome to Lander House

Fun, happiness, love and comfort are what you’ll find at Lander House – we are a home from home with everyone included

We support you if...

..you are living with dementia in the earlier stages and/or if your life has been affected by a stroke, cancer, Parkinson’s or any other health need which is impacting on your independence. We can also support you if you are younger but feel at home with us.

We aim to support you holistically with the ethos of emotionally led support at the centre of everything we do. We believe that love, inclusion and meaningful connections are better than any medicine and that each person has the right to quality of life.

We strive to bring the laughter, the fun, the love, the crazy ideas and the peace when you need it. We encourage your relatives to join our household and work with us to support you. We will help you meet your full potential and be as independent as possible, encouraging positive risk taking so you can live life the way you choose.

We are passionate about providing sensitive and  personalised end of life care and making the time people have left matter. We actively look to ensure those things left on the bucket list happen as best we can.

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Emotionally Led Approach

We all need to feel loves, valued, heard

CQC Rated Outstanding

The highest possible rating consistently awads

A home to live in

We create a home with comfort as a priority

Butterfly Household Approach

We live and work together - there are no barriers between staff and family

Lander House at a glance...

In Lander House we support 26 family members. We know how important it is for you to feel at home so our environment is a home with lots of colour and vibrancy and you are involved in our regular designing and decorating. We adopt a Household model in which our lounge areas incorporate a working mini kitchen in which you can help us prepare smaller meals and ongoing cups of tea! Your involvement and advice are a great help as you bring years of experience of skills such as working, raising a family and sharing a home. Your relatives and friends are welcome at any time. We have a dedicated safe garden which you can access 24 hours a day as it is important that you don’t feel trapped inside and some of you can help with the gardening and looking after the chickens or sharing a cuppa outside our caravan.

The support we offer

We are a nursing home and have qualified nurses on duty 24 hours a day. We have a policy of ‘growing our own’ – this means that we identify staff who really understand our ethos and have a passion for what they do and we support them through their nursing. This means that they offer clinical expertise balanced with understanding the emotional impacts of living with dementia. Our existing nurses also have specialist degrees in Frailty. We have students on placement throughout the year from three local universities.

Our wider team – including support staff, maintenance, domestic, catering and laundry – all receive mandatory training in the importance of Quality of Life and how to change the moment so you live well.

We work alongside outside services such as GPs, Dementia Outreach, Primary Integrated Services, Speech and Language Therapy, OTs and Physiotherapists to ensure that we access any support you need.

End of Life Support

All of us are on a journey and it is important that, as we approach the end of our life, we have the opportunity to both live and die well. While our vibrant community promotes community involvement and meaningful occupation, we also care about respecting the dignity of the dying process both for you and your loved ones.

We will work with you and your loved ones to create an advance care plan so we know how you would like to be supported and can make it happen the way you choose. When the time comes, you are in charge and your advance care plan helps us to make sure you are surrounded by the people you love, in an environment in which you are comfortable and kept pain free

We are in the process of gaining the Gold Standards Accreditation, a national recognition of quality end of life support.

Gold Standards Framework

Find us at

0115 9256996 lisa@landermeads.com
265 High Road, Chilwell, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 5DD, UK

Our Leadership Team

A note from us...

Helen Rain, Clinical Lead Nurse – helen@landermeads.com / helen.rain1@nhs.net / 0115 9256996

I moved to Nottingham from the North East of England when I was 18 years old to undertake nurse training and I have been a registered nurse since 2001 when I qualified as a Registered Nurse Learning Disabilities.

I wanted to be a nurse for as long as I can remember. I was very actively involved in the St John Ambulance from 12 years of age. I did many active duties with them including supporting at football matches, working with the army cadets to be involved with emergency services critical incident planning and practices, voluntary working in care homes to enhance peoples quality of life and many other duties.  When I left school I undertook a BTEC Health Studies Course and had many placements in hospitals and care homes as well as spending extensive time volunteering at Respite Holiday Centres for Adults with Disabilities.  All of these things helped prepare me for the Nursing Course and my career so far.

Since qualifying as a nurse I have worked in many settings and undertaken a number of different roles before coming to Landermeads almost 8 years ago now. In this time I have progressed from a Registered Nurse to the Clinical Lead Nurse for the Lander House and Stoppard House families.

I  have a passion for person centred care and enhancing quality of life. I will always fight for the underdog and am not afraid to challenge other professionals if something isn’t right.


Michelle Sills, House Leader – michelle@landermeads.com / michelle.sills@nhs.net / 0115 9256996

I have been with the Landermeads family since 1987 and during this time I have worked in all areas over the years. I completed a Level 5 in Management in 2010 to take on the role of House Leader in Lander House and Stoppard House. 

I know how precious life is and have a passion for people and believe that ‘Life is for Living’ and that everyone should live well, regardless of age, time or a diagnosis.

I have a real passion for supporting people living with dementia and was actively involved in the changes we made ten years ago and have seen and believe in the impact we can make on quality of life. I continue to drive a team that is also passionate and committed to meaningful support. 

Michelle Sills

House Leader

Helen Rain

Clinical Lead Nurse

What relatives say about us ...

My relative is supported to make their own choices without a doubt. When they can't make an informed choice, we are fully involved. I trust them implicitly."


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We are all vulnerable at times

Coming to live in one of our houses or supported living can mean leaving behind the things which have made us secure.

We believe that quality of life comes from understanding our shared vulnerability and working together as a family in which we celebrate who you are.

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