Supported Living at Landermeads

We are part of the Landermeads community but we live independently with support

What is Supported Living?

Your independence can define who you are and it is important that, if you are able, you live in the community, in your own house, responsible for your own lifestyle, doing your own shopping and planning your day. You may need support to do this and this is where we can help – our supported living team can work alongside you for up to 24 hours a day to ensure you are safe and live well.

You become one of our family members but our involvement is led by you – we want you to be as independent as you can and to learn new skills.

We are a small service but we are all close together so we build our own community too

Above all, we want to have fun together!

More About Our Approach

Emotionally Led Approach

We all need to feel loved. valued, heard

CQC Outstanding

The highest possible rating


Support to promote your independence

Dragonfly Approach

We are a team working together

Supported Living and You

Supported living is what it says – we support you to live as you would like to. It is your home and our role is to keep you safe both physically and emotionally. The majority of people we support require support for most of the day and/or night so we see you a lot and aim to build up a feeling of family – it is important that you feel included in all decisions and are enabled to be who you want to be. We will take the time to get to know you so we can do things together and ensure that you have the chance to take an active part in your local community.

We support you to..

  • Live a life of your choosing in which nothing is impossible
  • Build your independence focusing on the skills you need
  • Consider employment / voluntary work with support
  • Access local colleges to build your skills
  • Develop a safe but positive approach to risk
  • Plan your holidays
  • Follow your interests
  • Manage your health and appointments

Independence is a journey

We are relatively small service and the people we support are all on different journeys.

Some of you live with a learning disability and are very active in the community

Others have had had a life changing event – such as a brain injury or accident – which has meant you have to relearn skills and need support to do this

All of you are on a journey – together we learn that life can be fun, challenging, hard work, uplifting – but it is so much better if we have each other to navigate it.

Find us at

0115 9256996
265 High Road, Chilwell, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 5DD, UK

The Supported Living Leadership Team

A note from us...

Kate Loosemore-Poole, House Leader – / / 07510 653686

I believe that trust, support and encouragement are at the heart of every happy home and the basis for empowerment and identity. I are committed to promoting your independence and enabling you to find the fun in life.

I began working in The Meads in 1992 as a carer. I then moved to Lander House in 1994 as a Team Leader – we had a number of younger adults in Lander House and it was my role to co-ordinate their support. In 1996 I went to live in Australia where I gained a wealth of knowledge working in many differing areas. In 2004 I returned to Landermeads working in Catherine Tam House and also took a management role in Supported living when it began. In 2011 I moved back to The Meads as House Leader and then took on a training role in 2013. I returned to Catherine Tam in 2016 as House Leader and became Registered Manager of Supported Living. I am currently House Leader in Goodman House and continue to be Registered Manager for Supported Living.

My passion is equality and standing up for people’s rights and choices and advocating when they may not be able to do so themselves. Everyone we support has the right to lead the life they choose and I believe in respecting every their individuality and enabling them to do this.


Emma Clark, Manager – / / 07853 196306

I started working for Landermeads in 2001 and I spent many happy years in Catherine Tam House learning how to become the better version of myself. I worked my way up to Team Leader before moving over to Goodman House when they opened. I really enjoy being part of an extended family who all want the best for the people we look after, watching the smiles and making their life have meaning and purpose.  I then started to work in my current role as Service Manager of Supported Living whilst working doing my Level 5 in Adult Social Care Management. I am loving having the opportunity to make a difference to our family members’ lives, supporting them to live as independently as possible and I have an amazing team around me. I believe in being a positive role model and supporting family members  to overcome any challenges that they may face.  Watching our family grow, develop, and live their best life makes me recognise daily how honoured and appreciative I am to be where I am today. Away from my extended family, I am a very proud wife and mum to 2 teenage boys who daily show me that they have both inherited their dad and my caring ways.  I could not any prouder of my boys.


Ben Haywood, Assistant Manager – / / 0115 9256996

I have been a part of the Landermeads’ family on and off since 2002 when I worked in Catherine Tam House as a senior carer while I studied for my Level 3 RQF in Health and Social Care.  I took some time away where I experienced new and different roles but felt my heart lay at Landermeads and couldn’t wait to come back. This time around, I have been here since 2020, a week before the Covid lockdown. My father had recently passed and my mother was living as part of The Meads family. Covid hit us all hard but we stuck it out and before long I was transferred to Catherine Tam House and where I became a Team Leader. When Goodman House opened in August of 2021 I moved over there and took on the role of Team Leader. After nearly two years as Team Leader, I became part of the training team and am heavily involved in training all staff across Landermeads. In addition to this I am now Assistant Manager in Supported Living. I have a strong passion to care for people and enjoy my place in the Landermeads team immensely. I have recently achieved an AET qualification and am coming towards the end of my Level 4 RQF in Health and Social Care. Landermeads has helped me to become who I am today and I wouldn’t wish to be anywhere else.

Kate Loosemore-Poole

Registered Manager

Emma Clark


Ben Haywood

Assistant Manager

What our family and friends say about us...

"I couldn't honestly meet any better people - they treat me like an equal. There is not a thing I would change about living here."

Family Member

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We are all vulnerable at times

Coming to live in one of our houses or supported living can mean leaving behind the things which have made us secure.

We believe that quality of life comes from understanding our shared vulnerability and working together as a family in which we celebrate who you are.

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