Supported Living at Landermeads

All of us would choose to stay at home if we could and this is what we enable you to with our help

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Your independence is important

We know how important home is to us – it’s our own private space in which we feel secure and where we can relax. It’s also a part of our identity decorated to own own tastes and furnished with things which mean something to us because we have chosen them

We support you in your home if you need someone to be with you for up to 24 hours a day. We have a number of bungalows close to Landermeads which also means that you are welcome to join in any events or activities as part of the larger Landermeads family and go back to your own home afterwards.


We work with you to build skills to be independent


We are visitors in your house and respect your right to privacy

Community Involvement

Working with you to access the local community

Dragonfly Approach

A culture in which you are central

Supported Living

Supported Living

We offer you support so you can live independently in the community in your own home and also be part of the Landermeads community
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Community Involvement

It may be a priority for you to feel part of the local community and we will work with you to ensure that happens. This may take various forms: you may want to access Beeston for shopping, the cinema, coffee shops or to socialise, you my want to go to Attenborough Nature Reserve or Wollaton Park for fresh air and a stroll or you could have hobbies and interests which take you further afield. We are close to the local tram and bus routes and a few minutes from the train station as well as having access to our own minibuses.

Some of you may want to find some voluntary or paid employment or to enrol on a college course – we have experience in helping you to do so.

We also have our own community consisting of family members from other supported living houses as well as some of the younger (and older) family members who live at Landermeads and you are always warmly welcome to join in.

The Dragonfly Approach

All of the services we support as part of the Landermeads Community are accredited as a Level One Dragonfly or Butterfly Home. This means that we believe that both you and the staff who support you work together respecting one another ad aspiring to fulfil the potential you have to be happy. This mean that the staff we have are central and two of the standards we set are:

  • “Team members are recruited with a strong focus on emotional intelligence and can be seen to be sharing the day like caring friends
  • Team members are comfortable in ‘being with’ people rather than ‘doing for’ people. They focus on the feelings behind words and actions moment by moment”
  • Our staff receive mandatory training in Personal Behaviour Support and will always look at how you feel, how that affects how you act and how we can work together with you to make that positive.

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Latest Dementia News

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We are all vulnerable at times

Coming to live in one of our houses or supported living can mean leaving behind the things which have made us secure.

We believe that quality of life comes from understanding our shared vulnerability and working together as a family in which we celebrate who you are.

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