Our Story

It all started in 1986 when we (Ros and Rob) announced to our parents that we would like to open a small family run nursing home in which the people who lived there received the highest possible support. A year later Rob’s parents. Phyl and Barry, had sold their house and moved into a caravan in the car park of a building site which was to become Landermeads and Ros’ parents, Margaret and Derek, had placed their trust and financial support in the dream.

Ros’ godmother, Jane Lander, heard of our plans and asked if we would like to buy her house, The Meads, to make this happen. And so, in August 1989 Landermeads was born, its name a tribute to the support we received and a beautiful house which had been at the heart of Chilwell since 1711.

In 2013 we took a hard look at the support we offered. We saw people who were well cared for and clinically supported but frequently emotionally unhappy. The move into a nursing home is a traumatic one and no amount of good personal support can replace the loss of things which have been central in life. We decided to work with Dementia Care Matters to look at how we could offer emotionally led support which still included everything we had done previously but delivered it in a emotionally led way recognising that no support can be effective without this at its centre. The changes were dramatic - environmentally Landermeads changed and what you see today are a group of smaller homes each of which is a family comprising of the people who live and work together. Our staff lost their uniforms and anything which created a 'us and them' barrier and received (and still do today) intense training on the importance of love, comfort, identity, occupation, attachment, and inclusion. When we interview we look for people who care from the heart and truly want to make a difference. The result is that today our family members live well - they share the activities of the day, are involved in how they are supported and, most importantly, they have fun and we share this with them.

Today Landermeads Community has five households – The Meads, Buttermeads, Lander House, Stoppard House and Catherine Tam House. We also support three people to live independently in two bungalows on adjacent Allison Gardens.