The Meads

Senior Nurse: Clarlotte Gamble / Zebbie Chilink

House Leader: Mandy Giles

Mission Statement

“Family is about accepting each other for who we are, supporting each other in the things we choose to do and, no matter what, we are there for each other.
Laughing together, crying together, sharing, caring and loving one another.
Fighting every minute of every day to finish what we started and achieve our vision …. on a journey together.
Welcome to our family …. The Meads Family.”

Our family in The Meads live with a dementia and experience their own reality. They may not be able to connect with our daily reality but what they experience is real to them and has the potential to be happy if we join them there. They haven’t got it wrong; what they experience is today’s reality for them and is rich and vibrant. Our staff are trained to recognise that and become a part of it enabling them to live life positively.