Lander House

Clinical Lead Nurse: Helen Rain

House Leader: Michelle Sills

Mission Statement

“In Lander House we strive to empower and enable our family to live safely, freely laugh and walk, keep busy, sing and dance, make friends and go out. We remember with respect who our family were and still are …. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters and sons. We passionately support with love and affection. Together we are a Lander House family”

Lander House supports people who either have full capacity or who are living in the early stages of a dementia. People have choice about how they spend their day and can often verbalise this but staff also have skills in discovering preferences through knowledge of a person. We are developing One Page Profiles for each family member identifying what is important to them and making that a reality. The environment reflects these choices and family can be who they want to be.