Simply – that our family members can live well if we are committed to their emotional wellbeing as a priority. Our beliefs are based on the work of Tom Kitwood who developed a flower which illustrates the fundamental needs of each of us.

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I want you to know who I have been as that has made me who I am. Together we can discover who I am now and what I enjoy doing, wearing, eating, what makes me laugh and what I find difficult


I have had a busy life and learned so many skills which are really useful. I can show you how to do things and I can help - I have so much to give


I need to feel attached to another person and part of a family. That connection makes me feel valued and worth something


Comfort is important to me - I need to feel warm, dry and clean; to have a full stomach and not be thirsty; to laugh and reflect; to have a sense of tenderness, closeness and bonding with others


Don't leave me out - I love to be part of a group and to feel that you need me


Everyone needs it and I am no different. I need to love someone and feel accepted - to love an activity, a food, a person, a belief and to love and respect myself

All staff receive mandatory training in this every year and we base all supervisions and other training on these principles.

We have identified three core principles which are a part of everything we do:

  • Zero tolerance to any negative language verbal or written. Family members are enabled and sometimes this means we must think outside the box and have innovative ideas how to make things possible
  • Zero tolerance to talking over family – any conversation when with family members must involve them
  • 30 second connections – it’s surprising how much love and value we can give to each person if we acknowledge them every time we see them. You will see how staff never pass anyone without a hug, joke or chat to share the beauty of the moment.