Leadership Team

We have a leadership team who want to make a difference and are uncompromising about making the vision a daily reality.

Landermeads is owned and run by Ros and Rob Heath and their son, Jay. We believe passionately in what we do and are committed to making our vision a daily reality.

The regulatory CQC responsibilities are:

Rob Heath: Registered Manager

Ros Heath: Responsible Individual

However, the leadership at Landermeads is effective because of the staff who share our beliefs at every level and on every shift. We are indebted to them for their commitment and belief in what we do.

Each House is led by a House Leader and Senior Nurse who are in turn supported by Team Leaders on every shift.

The Meads / Buttermeads: Zebbie Chilink, Charlotte Gamble, Mandy Giles

Lander House / Stoppard House: Helen Rain, Michelle Sills

Catherine Tam House: Carrie Carlile, Kate Poole

Supported Living: Kate Poole (Registered Manager). Ed Passmore

Our family members need to live well and we are continually exploring ways in which to enhance this. We are continually developing this and currently we have:

Quality of Life Leader: to make sure that our family members have quality time doing things which are important to them.

Music Soundtrack Leader: we have been exploring how music can have a profound effect on our family and this role is to create personal soundtracks for our family.

Home Maker: each house has a Home Maker overseeing the family everyday. (link to Household Model).

Animal Therapy: we are training a member of staff to look at how animals can be used. We currently have cats and dogs who live with us and chickens in the garden.

Mindfulness: one of our House Leaders (Kate Poole) has trained with Nottingham Centre for Mindfulness so she is able to use this with family members.