The Butterfly Household Approach ©

In 2013 we stood back and assessed ourselves and we realised that we needed to change. We were supporting people based on task – this meant prioritising their physical needs above all else. What we saw was people who were well supported but often unhappy.

We made a commitment to change this and worked with Dementia Care Matters. Using their Butterfly Household model © we learned how to make it possible for our family to live well.

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Integral to this is the Household Model. Each House is a home and we live and work together. We have no barriers – that means no uniforms, drug trollies, separate staff rooms or anything which creates a divide between us and our family members. Our night staff wear uniforms on the principle that this encourages family to go to bed.

Each House shares a domestic feel with the kitchen as the central hub and a HomeMaker who looks after domestic life with the help of our family. You will see family preparing food, washing up and helping every day. Our catering staff promote choice and involvement and work tirelessly so that mealtimes are a central and enjoyable part of each day. We all sit down together and share the mealtime experience.